Sign Here Nantucket

One of a Kind Gifts

At Sign Here Nantucket we love to support local artists. Stop by our shop at 45 Old South Road to explore their work!

I am an Artisan on the Island of Nantucket coming from a small Island, Jamaica. I make handmade gift items for almost everyone. A lot of my products are made from recycled material. Such as soda can pull tabs, wine bottles, vases etc. to name a few. I hope you will visit our websites at www.angelstudio2-0.com.

Local artist, school teacher and year round resident.

I have been creating art my entire life. With time, courage, and a willingness to fail I am finally in a place where I can show my work. I have come to accept that my body of work will be "a work in progress" for the rest of my life. Each week, month, and year brings with it change and growth.

 I believe no work is wasted time, for each pencil line is part of a path to greater things. Discipline, practice and courage are traits I am learning. I feel that these qualities hold the keys to my personal success.